Operations - Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Brooklands manages and performs every aspect of your back and middle office. We perform all daily operations functions including trade settlements, reconciliations, cash and collateral management.

Brooklands generates daily accurate reports to the investment team managers including P&L, NAV, exposure, monitoring of risk limits and currency hedging.
Clients have access to our integrated front to back system comprised of an Order Management System (allowing electronic trading and pre trade compliance checks) and Portfolio Management System (providing a live view of portfolio positions).

Our daily operational support decreases operational risk ensuring smooth month end reconciliation with the administrator and year end reconciliation with the auditor.

Key back and middle office functions

We provide an operations manual describing the daily and monthly process

We perform all daily operational functions including:


System (OMS / PMS)

We provide access to the Brooklands licence for the Order Management System (OMS) and Portfolio Management System (PMS).


The order management system allows clients to trade electronically with incorporated pre and post trade compliance checks. The OMS can be connected to the different trading counterparties.

The portfolio management system provides a live view of the positions. It is fully integrated with the fund’s core counterparties (custodians, prime brokers and administrator) and increases efficiency in reconciliation, settlement and monitoring.

Risk Management

We believe portfolio managers are the most effective tool in managing investment risk.
Brooklands supports portfolio managers in defining risk limits, creating the risk framework and drafting the risk policy.
Brooklands provides an additional layer of risk management  through our daily risk oversight and monthly risk committee.
We implement pre-trade risk limits in the PMS to ensure trades are within risk parameters and prevent "fat finger" mistakes.
We monitor and report risk limits on a daily basis.
We work with our clients to develop the risk framework on an ongoing basis ensuring limits are fit for purpose.